Lesson 7

WALT: gain an understanding of what "digital rights and responsibilities" are and how they apply to our own lives as digital citizens


• As a class, brainstorm what the words "rights" and "responsibilities" means. Develop shared understandings and definitions.

What are Digital Rights and Responsibilities ?

• Digital Rights and Responsibilities can be defined as the privileges and rights extended to all digital technology users and the behavioural expectations that come with them.
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• There are three main areas to be covered in this section.

1. AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)
2. Using online material ethically
3. Reporting cyberbullying and other threats

1. AUP Acceptable Use Policy)

• AUP is basically a set of rules applied by a network and the website owners which restricts the way in which the network or site maybe used. Our school has an AUP and it can be found here ...


• Discuss with class the content of our school's AUP.

2. Using online material ethically

• This means what we can and cannot use online and how we use it without compromising the well being of others in a negative way. This section includes such items as images, documents, videos etc


Preventing Plagarism

• Download the following lesson plans and resources to complete this activity

Plagarism Powerpoint

3. Cyberbullying

What is cyberbullying?

Watch this video ...


Discuss with class the content of this excellent booklet on Cyberbulling

Watch this video

Let's Fight it Together



Read and discuss with class

• How was the woman able to get so much information from her victims?

A recent case in New Zealand of predatory behaviour using facebook