Lesson 1

WALT: gain an understanding of what "digital citizenship" is and what it means to us as individuals and as a class


• As a class, discuss what being a citizen in New Zealand means. Develop a shared understanding and definition of "citizenship"


• Complete this whole class activity. Click on the links below to download. This is an excellent way of introducing students to this topic.

Source - www.digizen.org

Further Discussion

What is Digital Citizenship ?

• Digital Citizenship can be described as the norms of appropriate, responsible behaviour with regard to technology use.

What makes a New Zealand digital citizen?

According to the Cybersafety in Schools Overview, August 2010, (www.netsafe.org) a digital citizen:

• is a confident and capable user of ICT
• uses technologies to participate in educational, cultural and economic activities
• uses and develops critical thinking skills in cyberspace
• is literate in the language, symbols and texts of digital technologies
• is aware of ICT challenges and can manage them effectively
• uses ICT to relate to others in positive, meaningful ways
• demonstrates honesty and integrity and ethical behaviour in their use of ICT
• respects the concepts of privacy and freedom of speech in a digital world
• contributes and actively promotes the values of digital citizenship


• Write a reflection of what you now understand about "digital citizenship"

1. Draft the reflection in your draft books
2. Proof read and edit your writing
3. Conference with teacher
4. Publish your reflection on your blog, use the title - "My Reflections on Digital Citizenship"
5. Invite a friend to comment on your post. (Remember the rules for positive commenting)


• Create your own digizen, http://www.digizen.org/digicentral/create-digizen.aspx Embed it into your page on this wiki. Go to the "kidzone" line and click on your avatar to access your page.

Follow the link to view some examples, http://www.digizen.org/digicentral/digiworld.aspx