Lesson 3

WALT: gain an understanding of what "digital communication" is and how it applies to our own lives as digital citizens


• As a class, brainstorm what the word "communication" means. Develop a shared understanding and definition.

What is Digital Communication?

• Digital Communication can be defined as the electronic exchange of information.
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Watch this video ...


1. What types of communication tools do you use?
2. What are the advantages of using these tools?
3. What are the disadvantages of using these tools?
4. It has been said that the world today is now a "global village" What do you think that means?
Think / Pair / Share
5. What are some ways that digital communication brings us closer together?
6. What are some ways that digital communication isolates us?

Communication Overload

Watch this video and be prepared to share your opinions ...


1. Do you think this is realistic? Why or why not?
2. Do you think it's possible we rely too much on digital communication tools instead of talking face to face?
3. Do you think technology has improved our ability to communicate?
4. Do you think technology has hindered our ability to communicate?

An interesting blog post to read and discuss with the class.

5. What communication guidelines does your family have when using digital tools?


Please complete the following survey


• Write a reflection of what you now understand about "digital communication"

1. Draft the reflection in your draft books
2. Proof read and edit your writing for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors
3. Conference with teacher
4. Publish your reflection on your blog, use the title - "My Reflections on Digital Communication"
5. Invite a friend to comment on your post. (Remember the rules for positive commenting)