Lesson 8

WALT: understand what "digital commerce" is and how it applies to our own lives as digital citizens


• As a class, brainstorm what the word "commerce" means. Develop a shared understanding and definition.

What is Digital Commerce?

• Digital Commerce can be defined as the electronic buying and selling of goods.

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1. Why do you think may people choose to shop online as oppossed to going to a store to buy things?
2. What do you think maybe some dangers associated with shopping online?


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Further Discussion

What should we be aware of when shopping online?

1. Protection

• Be aware of scams. A scam is when someone tricks you into giving them your personal information online. As long as you don't give out this information you will be safe.

2. Is my credit card number safe?

• One way to tell if a website you are shopping on is secure, check to see if it has https: in the URL (at the front) Do you know what the "s" stands for?
If you are using internet explorer, it should show a padlock in the bottom corner

Here is a link for further information

Credit card number safe

3. Identity theft

• If you suspect your credit cards have been stolen, contact the credit card company immediately and cancel your credit card. This will prevent purchases being made using your stolen card details. Contact the authorities to report the theft.

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• Write a reflection of what you now understand about "digital commerce"

1. Draft the reflection in your draft books
2. Proof read and edit your writing
3. Conference with teacher
4. Publish your reflection on your blog, use the title - "My Reflections on Digital Commerce"
5. Invite a friend on your post. (Remember the rules for positive commenting)