Lesson 2

WALT: gain an understanding of what "digital access" is and how it applies to our own lives as digital citizens


• As a class, brainstorm what the word "access" means. Develop a shared understanding and definition.

What is Digital Access?

• Digital Access can be defined as full electronic participation in society
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Watch this video ...


1. How many different types of digital tools did you recognise in this video?
2. How does your "access" to and "participation" with these tools compare to those kids in the video?

Not everyone has this level of access to digital tools. There are many factors that contribute to someone's ability or inability to access and participate using digital tools.

• What maybe some of those factors? Discuss with a partner.

Some people also choose to engage more frequently than others who have the same amount of access to technology.

Sometimes participation can be taken to extremes resulting in many other problems / issues.

• What could be some of those problems / issues that result for technological excess? Discuss with a partner.

Watch this video ...


1. What is the key message being presented in this video?
2. Does your family have guidelines for using technology at home?
3. What maybe some reasonable expectations for technology use for Year 8 students at home?

4. Create your own specific "guidelines" for technology use at home. Be prepared to share these with the class.


• Write a reflection of what you now understand about "digital access"

1. Draft the reflection in your draft books
2. Proof read and edit your writing
3. Conference with teacher
4. Publish your reflection on your blog, use the title - "My Reflections on Digital Access"
5. Invite your parent/s to comment on your post. (Remember the rules for positive commenting)